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1. Lectures

I give lectures on kasàlà and different aspects of African literature and thought.

2. Workshops

Apart from online trainings, there are workshops in Canada and elsewhere, when there is a sufficient number of participants. 
For more details, please contact me.

3. Writing of a kasàlà

Very often, we need to celebrate your loved ones on different occasions such as :


  • Birthdays

  • Births

  • Weddings

  • Expressing gratitude

  • Promotions

  • Mournings 

  • Etc.

Mourning kasàlàs are recited at the funeral home, in the church or at the cemetery. This practice appears to reform the morose funeral ritual in the West by strongly celebrating life in the deceased person and in the community. We've been doing this in Belgium and in Quebec with very much success. The participants overwhelmingly reflect their joy 

For all these occasions, we can create a kasàlà for you. One of the amazing things about human beings is that each person is special, unique. In order to create the appropriate kasàlà-portrait or sculpture of your loved one, we will need a few infos about them, f.i. :


  • Names, nick-names 

  • Elements of their lineage (as far as you can go)

  • Date and place of birth

  • Events surrounding their birth, or wedding, or death

  • Family, education, social backgrounds

  • Details on their family (children, grand-children, sisters & brothers...)

  • Friends, colleagues, neighbours

  • Place where they live

  • Philosophical options

  • Profession, carrier

  • Qualities (competences, skills, ressources, talents…)

  • Odd habits, little ways (these only aim at highlighting the qualities)

  • Achievements

  • Projects

  • Dreams

  • Passions, hobbies

  • Travels

  • A few pictures

  • Etc.  

4. Coaching in writing 

If you just need being coached in the writing of a kasàlà for somebody, we can help you too. Such a coaching is actually a very good way of learning how to create a kasàlà.

Prices :

  • For a lecture, please contact me.

  • For a workshop, see page "Training".

  • For the writing of a kasàlà, the price varies between 400 and 1.500 $, depending on the number of hours spent.  

  • For the coaching, the price is 70 $ / hour.

Payment modes :

                    N.S. Kabuta

                    115 avenue Rouleau

                    Rimouski, QC, G5L 5S7


  • Bank transfer :

  • Participants in Europe can make a bank transfer into the following account number :

​  BE75 1262 0646 2651 (Swift code : CPHBBE75), of N.S. Kabuta

  • Payment by Credit cards will be implemented later

Infos :

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