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Our Mission

Awaken – Connect – Support all those who choose to contemplate nature with a sense of wonder, and the other living beings with eyes of Ubuntu, while mobilizing for the building of local communities which are environmentally responsible, caring and viable. Kasàlà practice offers individuals and communities an opportunity to perceive, recognize and build on their talents, while meeting their challenges. In this way, they will keep faith in them and will act together in order to meet them.




Kasàlaction is a citizen movement initiated by Jean Kabuta over thirty years ago. It is active in multiple locations at the present time. This initiative glows through an extensive network of partners in Africa, Europe and North America. A converted perspective is at the heart of its reason for being and of any initiative aiming at personal and social transformation. 

We are convinced that having a poetic eye at the world participates in inspiring a personal change and serves as a support pillar for any community transformation project. Kasàlaction's mission is to inspire, awaken, connect and support local communities that are committed to moving from their devastating environment to the poeticization of the world, and from poetry to action.  





This means working individually and collectively to transform the way we see ourselves and rethink our inner talk which dermis our actions and relationships :

  • with ourselves;

  • with our fellow human beings in our communities;

  • with the environnement and the transcendance.

In this way, it will be possible to move from strain to the poeticization of the world and from poetry to action.



We are committed to transmitting the art of kasàlà to the younger generations and disseminating it throughout the world, by coaching people of all ages and provenances in the discovery of the kasàlà and by bringing them together around this practice which is :  

  • an art of celebration and wonderment

  • an experience and a initiation way

  • a practice of Ubuntu et of joy 

  • a ritual practice 

that makes it possible to :

  • take care of individuals' and communities' psychic and relational health

  • coach individuals and communities in the development of the empowerment

  • relay our partners' initiatives wherever we are  

  • open shared spaces of encounter which strengthen kasàlà's glow

  • make new possibilities visible and encourage people from Ubuntu cultures by enabling them to become agents of social transformation and progress in the achievement of their projects

  • lead and take care of the community of kasàlà practitioners 




  • Those who bear projects aiming at transmitting the kasàlà art wherever they are 

  • The creation of places and opportunities to help each other, of joint training and of solidarity among the partners 

  • Projects for developing empowerment such as the Kasàlà Center in Kinshasa

  • Awareness projects on how to live together inspired by Ubuntu philosophy, such as the Kasàlà association in Belgium and the joint actions project Rimouski-Flandre

Chrystel Robin

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