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From Poetry to Action in the World

Kasàlà NPO :
A Non-Profit Organisation named Kasàlà was founded by N.S. Kabuta in 1995 in Belgium. It aims at :
  • Promoting African thought, especially a life paradigm inspired by Ubuntu. 

  • Fostering communication with other cultures and mutual enrichment.

  • Intellectually and financially supporting cultural and development projects in Africa.

The NPO achieves its aims through activities such as :

  • Teaching of kasàlà poetry worldwide through workshops and lectures.

  • Publications (in book or web forms).

It cooperates with :

  • Echos Communication (Belgium).

  • Entre-vues (Belgium).

  • Ibuntu (Canada).

  • DI FI TE (Canada).

Ever since I moved to Canada, I founded KASÀLACTION, which focuses on the transmission of the kasàlà as an art, a philosophy and a path. Kasàlà Coaching is largely explained in the present website.

Cultural and Community Center for Development (CCCD)

The African branch of the NPO was founded in Kinshasa (DRC) in 2005. The 2 buildings were completed in 2012.

It is a cultural and community center for development (CCCD). It aims at :
  • Contributing to the improvement of well-being in Africa.

  • Empowering the human being through continued education.

  • Developing means of creating material and immaterial wealth by stimulating self-esteem, creativity and entrepreneurship, especially farming.

Challenges :

In order to contribute to producing drinking water and food for the population of Bibwa, a rural aria of Kinshasa, a farm house was restored in 2010 with the support of HeidelbergCement, a Belgian company. The project was called "Ekoki", a Lingala word meaning "That's Enough". However, we quickly faced damaging theft issues, which can be explained by the high incidence of poverty and food insecurity among the population. It appeared the most efficient attitude would be to support existing projects, such as Songhai, which creates centers in different parts of Africa. This project, not only solves the hunger problem, but it also offers numerous opportunities to people and really brings them to empowerment. 


The Center currently develops the following activities :

  • Adult alphabetizing

  • Elementary school 

  • Computer classes

  • Cyber café

  • Copy center

Local Team :

  • Gérard Ntumba : Secretary-General

  • Roger Kabeya : Deputy Secretary-General

  • Jean-Paul Tshiela : Director

  • Patrick Ntumba : Deputy Director

  • Tony Bangazambe

  • Freddy Bokofili

  • Hyacinthe Balimba

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